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In the effort procrastination, and also cos I didn’t want to dump it all on twitter. Here is my attempt at 100 things about me. It was surprisingly hard to write…. 😀

1. I am a middle child

2. I was born in the same suburb my Dad was.

3. I like baked beans, maple syrup and bacon.

4. I have taught myself in my mid-20s how to run and how to enjoy it.

5. I believe my sense of taste is dull which makes me look like I’m a fussy eater, but I’m not.

6. I have 2 pet turtles.

7. I sometimes feel like I have trouble articulating myself verbally so I turn to the written word

8. I still can’t quite believe  I got into my course, but I know I’m gonna be a good midwife.

9. I love bike riding, but only outside.

10. I love running, but I prefer to run inside on a treadmill.

11. I have such bad balance that have trouble wearing high heels. But it doesn’t stop me.

12. I am the most rebellious of my siblings.

13. Most people see me as approachable and non-judgemental. I try to be that way.

14. It fascinates me to learn about the human body.

15. I went to the one school all my life from prep-year 12.

16. I only passed year 12 because my brother didn’t, and I wanted to beat him.

17. I lived in one house from birth to the age of 19.

18. Since then I have moved around 15-20 times. I’ve lost count how many

19. I have owned 6 cars. Only one of them was sold.

20. I have lost count how many car accidents I’ve had before I got my glasses. I’ve also run out of toes.

21. I was once dumped because I am clumsy.

22. When I was 3 my mum sent me to stay in Perth for 3 months. I reacted to this separation by calling everyone Mary. Even the frogs.

23. I came back from Perth with short hair thanx to my auntie. It took me 5 years to grow it out again.

24. I don’t remember what my natural hair colour is and not sure I ever want to find out.

25. I like dogs, I like cats, but I don’t like it when they lick me.

26. I like tomatoes, but not tomato flavoured things.

27. I don’t like beer.

28. One of my favourite places in the world is my hammock.

29. I have been craving a second tattoo since the day I got my first one.

30. my mother still can’t look at my tattoo.

31. I perfected the art of laughing at me a long time ago, so you can’t do it better than me.

32. I sometimes struggle to decide whether I am a realist or a pessimist. Or a healthy mix of both.

33. I have watched every episode of Friends 50+ times each.

34. I want another piercing.

35. If I could have access to a time machine. I wouldn’t.

36. I am only 5kg from my goal weight.

37. I’m scared I’ll never make it.

38. I often feel quite anti-social, but lonely at the same time.

39. My musical preferences are varied, but I am never really fanatic about any of them.

40. I can still remember all the words to most of the spice girls songs.

41. There is a video out there floating around of me dressed up as Ginger spice doing a music clip.

42. I think I can sing ok, but I don’t cos my hearing is so bad it’s likely I can’t sing.

43. I used to sit atop the ladder in the centre of the backyard reading a book.

44. My brother fell out of a tree headfirst when he was about 10yo and still blames me for it.

45. It was because I told him he couldn’t fly.

46. I was right. He couldn’t.

47. If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life it would be peanut butter on toast.

48. I won spelling champs for the whole year in grade 3+4.

49. I didn’t learn how to ride a bike til I was 7. But since then I have ridden to/from school/work in some capacity for most of my life.

50. I like finding spelling mistakes on websites, and in publications. :p



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I know I know. I’m a bit late to be talking about 2011. But here it is.. It_has_finally_BEGUN!!!!

Woke up 6am this morning… Too excited to sleep… Today is my first day back at UNI!!! I start 3rd year of my nursing/midwifery degree. I CAN’T WAIT FOR IT TO BEGIN!!!

I bounced out of bed with the excitement you might expect to see from Tigger in Winnie-the-Pooh and I jumped into the shower. I had breakfast and ran out the door on my way to uni.. Jumped on my bike and stopped to take a pic of the beautiful sun as it rose in my street… I then rode my little heart out to uni..

On my way I had a few thoughts.. I can’t wait to see my BFF, who has been busy as have I. And also just how pumped I am to be beginning uni again for the year.. I finally feel like I am doing something worthwhile with my time apart from meandering around. Being a lady of leisure is fine.. But just for how long can I do that? Let me tell you, I’ve been doing it since November last year. It’s got old now… :S

Last night I went to bed feeling sick. Not that unusual. I have come down with a bit of the flu and spent the majority of the last 48 hours in bed. But I couldn’t shake the feeling of sick. No matter how hard I tried to ignore it… This morning on the way to uni, I still felt sick.. Couldn’t shake it.. And then when I arrived at uni, it lifted…

I realise now that it was anxiety I was experiencing. I don’t know why. I mean, I am going into 3rd year at Deakin, I’m not even starting at a new campus like I did last year… I am just going back. Going back to where I have spent the whole of last year. I am going back to what I love. WHY AM I SO ANXIOUS??

Thinking through it now. I realise that the anxiety is related to uni itself. In a way, I can’t believe I am so lucky to find something I am so passionate about. Something I want to throw my heart and soul and into and be consumed by. Nothing in my life has ever felt so right than what I am doing right now… and I am so lucky…

When I finished school I didn’t get high enough grades to get into this course… This course was something I wanted to do before it existed. And that was a devastating blow. In some ways I feel like I am living a dream. Like I need to pinch myself so I’ll wake up. In some ways I feel like I still don’t deserve this… And in some ways, I feel like I am shooting above the possible. I feel like I will wake up one day and someone will tell me it’s all been a dream and it’s too good to be true… But it’s not.. I am here, I am living it. And it’s MINE!

I started with a dream. The rest is up to me to make it happen.. And that’s what I’m gonna do… I am going to grab this opportunity and RUN!! And in a few weeks time, remind me to think back on this… and how much I love it… 😀 The joy is so real you can  almost touch it! 😀 making you sick with my happiness now aren’t I? 😛

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