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Well started placement in 3rd year today… I am only going to be at uni for 4 years.. And I am well into my 3rd year… THAT in itself is a little scary… To think that I am so close to finishing…. Well the thought of that just blows my mind a little.. To think that I will be responsible for the lives of ACTUAL patients with conditions and co-morbidities, patients with lives, jobs, and families. Patient’s who are REAL PEOPLE! That scares me in a huge way… Cos in no way do I feel ready for the task yet some of my co-horts will be out at the end of this year…. (Just those in general nursing… Us lucky midwifery students get to stay an extra year!)

Today I arrived onsite at 8am, waited around til 8:30am when the clinical supervisor arrived.. :/ not sure how they get small administration errors like this occurring each year. But they do. I guess for anyone who’s ever been to uni, you begin to expect that the uni are too busy being all academic they forget how to complete small, seemingly unimportant details. Those details which would have allowed me time to get a coffee this morning, or details that would have allowed me to print out some much needed papework. Of course, I know what you’re going to say: I should’ve been organised…. And you would be right. I *should*.

Anyhow, we were shown to the wards, orientated to the hospital, shown where equipment could be found, where handover occurs, where bags are stored and also a run-down on pathophysiology of some common conditions. I surprised myself as I relaxed into the day. I learnt that:

I know more than I thought I knew.

I know a number of different heart rhythms, what they look like on an ECG, and also I know how to call a code. I know what it means when they say a patient has rapid AF, and I know what many of the different medications do and how they act on different tissues in the body to bring about the desired effect and thereby decrease/rectify symptoms etc.

The second thing I learnt today, is that

I will never know it all.

Uni will only ever teach me enough of the basics to know when I need to call for help. Uni will not teach me everything. Because the simple fact of it is, I will never know it all. You will never know it all. I don’t know whether we as a human race will know all we need to know… But it’ll never stop me from wanting to learn it…


*Breathes a happy sigh of relief at all the new things I will learn this placement* *does a happy dance*

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Sexy taims

Ranty pants are on. And u know how i hate wearing pants. MUCH less on a FRIDAY!!!!

Study. It’s what I do…. The aim being that I will gain a degree. It’s pretty simple. Obviously in that process I am going to become a more educated being. And hopefully I will become a professional in my chosen career path… Simple really…..

I guess I wasn’t that happy in my first week of uni this year… One of my courses for the nursing portion of my degree is based around aged care. And as a nurse it’s a simple fact of life that many patients are going to be older people. Because it’s the natural process that as we age, a certain amount of degeneration happens… And don’t get me wrong. Studying aged people and how best to take care of them is not my issue.

My issue is that on the first day of uni I had to watch a DVD that I can only describe as that place in between soft-porn and hardcore porn. Featuring the 70+ age group. I get that old people have sex. Hats off to them if they can get some and likewise if they can get it up.. But I am not sure why I have to watch it. It was in the name of education? I mean, really….? I know that it goes on. Its like my parents. I am well aware that they love each other and likewise, I assume this means they are intimate. FINE! But it’s completely another thing to open the door and see it going on. I would be scarred for life.

It would appear my uni has taken a little bit of a dive this year. I am an on-campus student and only attend lectures for ONE of my FOUR subjects. Let me assure you, this is not my choice. The rest of my lectures are presented online. As far as I know this hasn’t happened before now. As an adult learner and a consumer of education, I am far from impressed. I would like the option to attend the lectures. And if there is no option then I would like a reduction to my fees please. I will be feeding this back to the appropriate educational bodies. But I doubt my feedback will matter. I just don’t get how they call this education?

And no. Before you ask. The DVD was NOT instructional. 😐

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