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Today I started placement again. Allow me to refresh your memory. I am now into my 4th year nursing/midwifery degree at a local uni. I am *this* close to realising a life-long dream. And yet, I am *this* far too. I am tired. 

But, lets get back on track. Today I went back to a hospital I went to for placement in 2nd year. The day was good. I walked on shift at 7am, and I caught a baby before morning tea. Everything was normal, baby was healthy, mother did amazing. And she did it all herself. Though she did scream at me in the half hour before baby was born that I was lying to her each time I told baby was close… 😉 hehe! 

I had a good shift, I didn’t know where they kept things, how to use the taps, or what their policies and procedures are there. There’s something comforting in knowing what is supposed to happen and when. Something comforting in knowing how many times I need to take blood pressure, where the gloves are and what to do with the placenta. These are all small matters to patients. But a lot of them are about patient safety. I can do my job better when I know these things. 😀 Imagine if you walked into your office every day and you didn’t know where the bins were, where to find a pen, how to print something up. Where the toilets are, where to put your bag for the day. They’re all about providing good care… 

But the most important part today is that I walked in there and I felt confident. I didn’t worry too much about those things. I just asked when I needed something, and I confirmed what I was thinking with my supervising midwife, which was really cool. 

I walked in there and there was something familiar about the place, but yet so different. Took me awhile to realise what it was. It’s me. I am what is different. Labour and birth care is the same. It’s every bit as amazing as it always has been. And don’t get me wrong, there are bad days.. But we won’t go into them… 😉 Let’s just suffice to say, when you’re working with people that you may not always agree with or like everything they do…. 😉 People are people. But more than that, people are vulnerable people when they’re in labour, in pain, or fearful. 

I think that now, I am ready to be a midwife. I am ready to be a nurse. I am kinda ready to get out there and change the world a little bit. Which is the thought I have been struggling with for some time now. I am not so idealistic to believe that I can change the whole world. But I like to think I might have a shot at changing my little corner of the world. It’s the little things. 

As long as I can leave my little fingerprint on the world, and someone knows I was there, that makes it all worth it. 



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Hey I can’t even believe I’m doing this. A blog!? ME??!! Oh well, here goes… if nothing else it might organize my swamplands of my mind!!!!!

As a nursing/midwifery student one is required to complete a number of placements. This week I have the pleasure of being at a hospital in the far south-east of South Australia. My problems with this are many and varied. I guess this is my first midwifery placement, and I had higher hopes for it. I guess I have only been to day 1, so it may get better.

I think as a student, the university implants you with all of this zest, this enthusiasm. You feel as though you can go out there and solve the world’s problems. And the shocking part is, that if you go out there believing so, then you might actually help SOMEONE! And yesterday I think I did.

I was at the hospital, and there was a girl there very close to my age who is 35 weeks pregnant. I say IS, not knowing whether she still IS or not. She came in with threatened premature labour. And in the end the medication we gave her didn’t stop the contractions, so we had to send her off to a bigger hospital. We packed her into an ambulance, on her own and off she went.

But I like to think that I helped her while she was there.. All I did was chat to her, and hold her hand. But she stayed quite calm. Underneath it all I know she was freakin OUT! But I like to think that just chatting, and being kind was enough to help in some small way.

I guess that is part of the joy of being a student, is that I am still so new to the world of nursing/midwifery, I am fresh, I am untarnished. I don’t yet have all the know-how. But one thing I do have the know-how is to be empathetic, to be caring and to be kind. I know how to be supportive, I know how to be confident even when patients are facing some scary circumstances.

I think that learning these things in the fact is probably the first and possibly the most important lesson I can learn through my nursing and midwifery training. To be kind, to be gentle, to be patient, and to be caring. The rest of the technical knowledge will come… I will one day learn, what dosage of pethidine is appropriate for a labouring woman. I will one day learn, what terms are used to describe the position of the baby in the uterus. I will learn all that professional stuff. But for now, I want to learn how to be humble, caring, kind, and most of all, I want to learn how to be a beacon of strength that my clients can feel empowered to get through to the other side unscathed

Because after-all midwifery to me is about empowering women…

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