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After a post last night where I feel like I could have been slightly too negative… I felt the need to focus on some good stuff about me.. I am a good person.. I mean… I try to be… And I have many good qualities.. I guess I am just realistic about what I am and what I’m not.. I see no point in sugar-coating stuff.. I know that we can’t all be perfect at things.. And I expect that if I thought any different I would be severely disillusioned.

There are many things I am good at, even pride myself at being good at. And I think if I focus my energies on improving and progressing the areas I am talented in then I am far more likely to yield success than worrying about things I am not so skilled at…. Just the way I see it… But here are some of the things I am good at….

1.I like to think I am good at writing… I enjoy writing and I enjoy the reflection it affords me

2. I am good at cooking. I can cook a mean 3-course meal and put others to shame on occasion. I also have a knack for doing all this without recipes, or usually tweaking recipes with my own special touches. <– this does however run the risk that I can never repeat the meal I have made….

3. I am good at explaining and teaching medical/nursing/midwifery concepts to both fellow students, colleagues and also to patients. I can explain things simply so that the common man can understand. I can explain it without all the extra jargon and added “buzz words” which we find these days. So I guess this will hold me in good stead for a nursing/midwifery career. So much of nursing/midwifery is about patient education. As a side-note I used to work at Telstra and very RARELY had a customer who didn’t understand their bill once I explained it to them.

4. I am good at working under pressure- I think my disorganization and “flying by the seat of my pants” lifestyle stands me in good stead for working in nursing, and using the tools I have available to me…

5. I am very good at making people feel welcome in my home, and providing a hospitable environment. I think this is something I have grown up around, but also fine-tuned. I would hate to think that people didn’t feel comfortable in my home.

6. I am good at providing people with a non-judgemental ear to listen. And I am empathetic and compassionate. I care about people. And I will do all I can to support someone in their time of need. Even if it’s just being a soft place to land.

7. I give really good hugs. I have been told this on more than one occasion. And I don’t give out hugs that easily. Though I am softening in my old age. My sister is always complaining that I don’t hug her enough. I don’t mind hugs. But I am not a touchy-feely person. I guess I am always worried people won’t hug me back…. :-/

8. I can run. I never could run before. I can run now, and I am ok at it. I am even going to do a half marathon in October. I’ll make it through that out of stubborness alone, let alone being *able* to do it.

9. I can swear like a trooper, drunktweet and I can even operate an iPhone when the drinks are flowing and most can’t even manage to unlock theirs. But most of all I have fun.

10. I have fun even when I fall down on the ground cos I can’t walk. I usually look up and laugh. And if I fall down, I imagine what it would be like if someone had filmed it and then put sound effects to it like they do on “Funniest home videos”.

See, when I wrote the post last night about the things I *can’t* do… I was worried about people perceiving it to be a “woe is me” kind of “FML” post. It wasn’t that. It was a simple acceptance of who I am and what I can’t do. And being ok with that. Now that I have written this post, I feel a slight tinge of “I think I’m so good” “Look at me, look at me” about it. That’s not what I am aiming or. Its a simple case of well, these are my strengths and I am happy to celebrate them. I am happy to know what they are. I don’t see anything wrong with that. I think if you can know your strengths then you are more likely to develop them….. And that’s what I’m about.. Being the best version of me that’s available. 😀

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