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Ok, so @Nomie_yardarm over here at under the yardarm has tagged me! Nomie is a lovely gal, and as a matter of fact one of the only tweeps I have had the fortune of meeting in person! Nomie and I are both from a similar area in the east of melbourne.. Where she enjoys activities such as naked taxi rides and a spot of wizard stalking on occasion!
So the idea here is to write a list of 10 things that make me happy. Now you will need to excuse me but I am typing this on my iPhone so it may be brief!

1. Running- recently I have undertaken a “me” overhaul. And my new joy is running! A few months ago I fell of the treadmill when I put it up as high as 8k. But now I can run for 10 mins straight at 10! Everyone who’s seen me has commented how much weight I have lost! It’s so satisfying and I feel so good!

2. Learning- it’s not for no reason that I am 25 and just finished my 1st year of nursing/midwifery degree! I have 3 years to go and I am loving every minute and enjoying learning so many new things!

3. This brings me to number 3. Midwifery! I love it! I love EVERY minute of it! I love seeing the baby develop, palpate the baby’s position in mothers tummy! I love being there for the new family after baby is born and helping them adjust to their new life!

4. I love sunshine! When the sun is shining I have this unexplained energy like never before. It’s strange, just makes me wanna be outside and soak it up!

5. My family. They make me so happy! This year has been one which has reminded me to cherish them and love them more than ever! We lost my grandfather after a long battle, and now mum is fighting cancer! Seeing mum go through what she has so far I have been reminded to be happy for the family I have! And also to be happy that I have the mum I have! She is one special lady!

6. I am happy when I entertain! I love to cook and bake and having people to share it with is even better! I have a few signature dishes, which I love to make, mostly cos people enjoy eatig them SO much!!!

7. A glass of wine makes me happy! Love to get to the end of the day and have a nice glass! Makes me happy to have a glass with dad when I get to go home, makes me happy to chat with a friend over a wine!

8. Going home makes me happy! Currently I live 4 hours away from my family in the west of Victoria! It’s not my first choice for a place to live, mostly because it is so far from my family and I guess being single makes it harder to feel supported when stuff happens. But when I get to go home to my other home in Melbourne I feel happy!

9. Being a part of a community! That makes me happy! My parents are quite involved in a local church which for he most part I don’t attend. But even though I don’t usually go, when I do attend they are all so lovely! They care about what I do and they are interested in my life! So for that, if not for any other reason it makes me happy to be a member of tha community.

10. Learning from the past and looking to the future! That makes me happy cos I love making progress. I choose not to regret anything that has happened in my past, instead I choose to learn from the past and apply those lessons for the future. I think if I can begin each new day with a renewed sense of drive and motivation then it’s got the best chance it can!

11. My tweeps! To be honest I have felt so much more support and love from perfect strangers this year! I love my tweeps and love that they share their lives with me!

Nb- these are in no particular order

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Ok that’ll do, I am going between here and twitter on my phone to find links and I have run out of time! I need to save for a new USB! Have fun! Love you All!!!

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